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Brand Refresh

In 2020, SnackCrate grew by 3x! So, by 2021 we were in desperate need of fresh new imagery. Our main goal was to create visual assets to live on the SnackCrate website and transactional emails while focusing on the customer’s unboxing experience. It was important to stay on brand capturing emotion-filled images with bold contrast and poppy colors focused on the feeling and experience when opening a SnackCrate. We decided to execute this project under the eye of talented Denver local photographer Joe Friend Photography. 



Under Joe Friend, his lighting is direct, bold, and intentional. Joe utilized two different lighting techniques to achieve our desired effect.


1. Hard, direct flash to help create vibrant colors and sharp shadows. Also, a great tool to freeze emotion and capture bold expressions and feelings.

2. Warm uplight focused on the subjects face to create a “golden glow” coming from the Snack Crate. 

We ending up scrapping the golden glow pulp fiction style effect. 



In my opinion, the most important decision in the entire shoot is the talent we chose to represent the face of our brand. We sought out talent in the mid 20s-30s age range based on our largest customer profile. In addition, we wanted our models to look fun, interesting, and from unique backgrounds. We made our selections based on the fun personalities and the compatibility with each other to pair as both a group and in pairs. 

Creative Objectives

  • Create bold and exciting imagery that captures the Snack Crate unboxing experience, strengthening the customer connection to the Snack Crate brand.

  • Successfully capture the feelings of surprise, excitement and happiness in a still image.(Authenticity is key!)

  • Harness the power of color to highlight the emotions that are felt when a customer experiences a Snack Crate.



Majority of SnackCrate's daily site visitors come from mobile devices. So, framing and composition were extremely important to capture correctly to leave enough negative space for copy and display text to live. Therefore, we pushed for many waist up shots with plenty of negative space. 

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